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Materials for tracks

Invest, JSC, trading company

Invest, JSC, the trading company, - Ferro-concrete products, Materials for tracks,...

(86354) 7-01-48, (86354) 7-02-43, ,

Industrial, 6, Батайск

Megaprom, JSC, trading company

Megaprom, JSC, the trading company, - Materials for tracks,...

(863) 255-99-72, (863) 255-94-16, ,

Budennovsky Avenue, 2, 123rd office, 1 floor Rostov-on-Don

Oboronpromkompleks, JSC, production and delivery enterprise

Oboronpromkompleks, JSC, the production and delivery enterprise, - Materials for tracks,...

(863) 222-14-11, (863) 222-09-14, ,

Dovatora, 154/1, Rostov-on-Don

JSC TD Grand Resource products

Own foundry production...

(8636) 22-96-71
. Mines SHahty

Rosmetsnab, open company, production trading company

Rosmetsnab, open company, production trading company, - Materials for tracks, Hardware, Corrosion-proof metal rolling, Color metal rolling, Black meta...

(863) 266-20-72, (863) 266-27-08, (863) 232-27-18,

Ivanovo, 38, 603-1I office, 6th floor Ростов-на-Дону

Rosmortrans, JSC, the company on a bunkering of vessels

Rosmortrans, JSC, the company on a bunkering of vessels, -...

(863) 243-25-75, (863) 240-30-62, (863) 243-27-77,

Mikhail Nagibin Avenue, 14a, 150th office, 1 floor Ростов-на-Дону

SKKP Zheldorspetssnab, joint stock company, North Caucasian delivery enterprise

SKKP Zheldorspetssnab, joint stock company, the North Caucasian delivery enterprise, - Materials for tracks, Construction / repair of the railways, th...

(863) 222-23-37, (863) 237-70-34, (863) 242-77-33,

Dovatora, 152/4, 1 floor Ростов-на-Дону

Spetszheldorstroy, JSC, production construction company

Spetszheldorstroy, JSC, production construction company, - Construction / repair of the railways, Materials for tracks,...

(863) 300-53-74, (863) 300-53-78, (863) 300-53-76,

Trolleybus, 24/2v, 603rd office, 6th floor, BTs Commonwealth Ростов-на-Дону

Tsentrsnab, open company, trading company

Tsentrsnab, open company, the trading company, - Equipment for a warehouse, Hydraulic the equipment / tool, the Pneumatic / compressor equipment, Mate...

(863) 261-27-15, , ,

Sokolov Avenue, 85, 21 office, socle Ростов-на-Дону

Companies - 9

Updated company

  "JSC Stroitelno-proizvodstvenny holding DAMIAN - Russia, Rostov Region, .

  The main directions of our activity are production of block and modular boiler rooms of the DAMIANGROUP series water-heating thermal capacity from 0,1

  " - Russia, Rostov Region, .


  "Ekspert-Steklo - Russia, Rostov Region, .

  Nuzhno kupit` steklo i zerkalo v Rostove?Sotrudnichestvo s kompaniei` JEkspert-Steklo - jeto
Stabil`nye i vygodnye ceny na steklo – ne &laq

  "Energy drink, training center - Russia, Rostov Region, .

  NOU `Uchebnyi` centr `JEnergetik` (g. Rostov-na-Donu), funkcioniruyuschii` bolee 60 let, osuschestvlyaet podgotovku, perepodgotovku i povyshenie kvali

  " - Russia, Rostov Region, .


Products and Services

Bentonite mats of Bentofix® (Bentofiks)
Geosynthetic a covering on a mineral basis from the reinforced fiber represent self-isolating protec ...
по запросу

от 360

Top Listings

  JSC Gran-Fasad - Russia, Rostov Region

  JSC Grand Fasad offers: Warming and furnish of facades of buildings - Warming of facades - Warming of walls of apartments, cottages, buildings - Warmi

  (77779 Hits since28-03-2012)

  YuPK Deka, JSC, trading company - Russia, Rostov Region

  YuPK Deka, JSC, trading company, - the Oil and gas equipment, Auto chemical goods / Oil, Repair of special automotive equipment,

  (63279 Hits since0-0-01.11.2011)

  M-paket - Russia, Rostov Region

  Predlagaem sleduyuschie upakovochnye materialy i oborudovanie: palletoupakovschiki (Siat, Robopac, Exp, Ronda), strepping mashiny (avtomaticheskie i p

  (93395 Hits since24-05-2012)

  Salon of Daily Beauty No. 1 - Russia, Rostov Region

  Salon of Daily Beauty No. 1, - Hairdressing salons, Nail studios,

  (54272 Hits since0-0-01.11.2011)

  Kamavto-Don open company - Russia, Rostov Region

  The KAMAVTO-DON company of open company specializes on complex providing the organizations with spare parts and units, remkomplektami to family of KAM

  (59367 Hits since16-09-2013)

Exhibition and Sale

semyapododeyalnik - 150h215 2 pieces. A sheet - 230h250 1 pieces. A pillowcase - 70x70 2 pieces of e ...

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