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Russian version of the Handbook of Rostov-on-Don and the Rostov region
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Quotes of the Central Bank

U.S. Dollar 66.4725
euro 77.7529
British Pound 87.7171
Australian dollar 48.3122

Recent Listings

   - Russia, Rostov Region, .



   - Russia, Rostov Region, .



   - Russia, Rostov Region, .



   - Russia, Rostov Region, .



   - Russia, Rostov Region, .




Rating organizations and companies. TOP20

Рейтинг компаний справочника, использующих уникальный дизайн-шаблон

1 785
2 Kamavto-Don open company 770
3 YuPK Deka, JSC, trading company 657 (1 votes)
4 JSC Gran-Fasad 569
5 JSC Law firm SLAV 554
6 M-paket 397
7 Salon of Daily Beauty No. 1 353
8 229
9 Cistosliv 217
10 JSC Penetron-Don 195
11 Bolt and Nut 185
12 YUNIT 174
13 Tea master 167
14 Kameya 159
15 Medical and rehabilitation Center Science 159
17 Protection, SP 143
18 Vizhen`s firm 140
19 ProGrafika 135
20 Perevozchik21 - Professional moving 130
Участник каталога

In the ranking of the participation of all registered organizations.
* The main index rating is the number of views in the organization of the account per month. The more hits, the higher the rating, respectively, and the organization in the directory.

* The second indicator is theevaluation of the company. Rate this company can be of any visitor to the directory when you view an account of the organization. The higher the score, the higher the rating for the same figures show the organization.

The organization scored the same number of hits with another organization, but has any evaluation (even worst), the ranking will be higher than the organization has no estimate.

* To increase rating of organizations recommended for use in the catalog banner ads that give a general idea about the company and are a direct link to the organization account.

* Also, to increase traffic to your account it is recommended to install the code for the rating on other sites (eg, on the official website of the company). To obtain the rating organization, go to your account and click on "Get the code for the rating." Copy the HTML code proposed and install it on any site. The more clicks on your link is, the higher ranking of your organization.

Updated company

  "OOO «RusSpecKrepezh» - Russia, , .

  OOO «RusSpecKrepyozh» - dinamichno razvivayuscheesya predpriyatie po vypusku krepezha special`nogo naznacheniya. Vot uzhe ne pervyi` god my rabotaem n

  "OPEN COMPANY OF EKOVTORRESURS - Russia, Rostov Region, .

  Having chosen us you choose one partner in the sphere of ecology in all ranges of services. It is convenient to work with us, t. to we have all types

  "YuPK Deka, JSC, trading company - Russia, Rostov Region, .

  YuPK Deka, JSC, trading company, - the Oil and gas equipment, Auto chemical goods / Oil, Repair of special automotive equipment,

  " - Russia, Rostov Region, .


  "Santekhnalad - Russia, Rostov Region, .

  Uslugipo to repair of bathroom equipment and heating. Elimination blockages, floods, various damages to the t sewerage water supply system. Installati

Products and Services

Салоны Ежедневной Красоты
Shampoo making active growth of hair of CUREX Gentleman for men from Estelle (Estel) it is cheap
Shampoo making active growth of hair of CUREX Gentleman for men softly clears hair and head skin of ...
210 р

Болт и Гайка, ООО
GOST 24379.1-80 M42 st3ps2 type 1.2 (Hairpin 2.) bolt the base curved
Fundamentnye bolty v nalichii
My nachali podgotovku k vesennemu stroitel`nomu sezonu. Osnovyvayas ...

Top Listings

   - Russia,


  (5438 Hits since12-11-2015)

  Kamavto-Don open company - Russia, Rostov Region

  The KAMAVTO-DON company of open company specializes on complex providing the organizations with spare parts and units, remkomplektami to family of KAM

  (49310 Hits since16-09-2013)

  YuPK Deka, JSC, trading company - Russia, Rostov Region

  YuPK Deka, JSC, trading company, - the Oil and gas equipment, Auto chemical goods / Oil, Repair of special automotive equipment,

  (85685 Hits since0-0-01.11.2011)

  JSC Gran-Fasad - Russia, Rostov Region

  JSC Grand Fasad offers: Warming and furnish of facades of buildings - Warming of facades - Warming of walls of apartments, cottages, buildings - Warmi

  (67043 Hits since28-03-2012)

  JSC Law firm SLAV - Russia, Rostov Region

     YUridicheskaya kompaniya `SLAVYANKA` na rynke konsaltingovyh, registracionnyh, yuridicheskih i buhgalterskih uslug uchastvuet s 30 i

  (60693 Hits since31-08-2012)

Exhibition and Sale

Yip Durangov A.A.
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Upcoming holidays

10 days 01.10 - Day of Older People
13 days 04.10 - Day of the Military Space Forces
14 days 05.10 - Teacher's Day

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